Constables Office

St Saviour’s Community Centre, Le Neuf Chemin, St Saviour GY7 9FG (telephone 263414).

Constables Office opening hours

Tuesdays 14:30 – 18:30

Thursdays 09:00 – 11:00

Refuse and Kerbside Recycling collection night

Thursday (ie please put one bin and the appropriate dry recycling bag out on Thursday evenings). If there are any changes to collection days we will notify parishioners on this website and also publish a notice in the Guernsey Press (La Gazette Officielle).

Parish Elections

are usually held on the first Wednesday in November each year. Details will be published in La Gazette Officialle in October.

Douzaine and Constables

The Douzaine are 12 elected officials who represent your interests in the routine administration of our Parish. There are 12 Douzeniers and they are each elected for 4 years, thus each year Douzenier positions become available.

The current Douzeniers are Darrel Bertrand, Jeff Brache (Vice Dean), Mark de Garis, Victor de Garis (Dean), Phil Duquemin, Alison Foley, Karen Fooks, Simon Gibbs, Jonathon Jorgenson-Lesbirel, Margaret Macdonald, Martyn Tanguy, and Adrian Tempest.

The Constables are Karl de La Mare (07781 116630) and Neil Le Poidevin (07781 121544).

2017 Remede

170327_Press Notice

The cost per TRP unit for the Parochial and Ecclesiastical Remèdes in 2016 was £0.27109 and the cost per TRP unit for Refuse Collection and States Tip Charges is £0.55837.

Douzaine Rules of Procedure

Rules of Procedure

Meeting outcomes (January 2015 onwards, minutes in full)

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